The Last Candy Cane by Nicole H

When I was seven years old I managed my impulsivity to eat the last candy cane on the Christmas tree. Let me tell you how it all started.

Two years ago on Christmas Eve my mom, sister and I were decorating the Christmas tree. My sister and I ate all the candy canes except one. As soon as I reached for it my mother said, “You can’t eat that candy cane, you have to wait ’til Christmas morning!”

I was so mad at her. In my mind I said, “Why can’t I eat the candy cane, that’s not fair!” I marched downstairs and went to my room. I secretly went back upstairs and tried to eat it but, I said to myself, “Mom said not to eat it.” So I stayed away from the candy cane.

On Christmas morning my mom said, “Now you may eat the candy cane.” I replied, “No thank you, I don’t want to eat it anymore.” So I opened my presents and it was a great Christmas after all.

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One Day I Was Going to Hit My Brother by Juan C

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Bad Hair Day by Michelle O

Managing My Impulsivity

One day a lady that cuts hair cut my hair really ugly. I got mad and looked at the mirror. I screamed and took a deep breathe but it was okay because the next day a little bit of hair grew. Then a lot of days later it started growing more.

It helped me because I learned about when you get a short cut and you don’t like it you think about what you are doing and say its pretty.

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One Sunny Morning by Alejandra L

Managing My Impulsivity

One day on a sunny morning I was at the park. We were in line to go down the slide. I was next, but my brother cut in the line. It made me so mad.

I tried to not be that mad, so I took a good breathe. I said, “Fine you will be first, but I am next.” We made a deal, so everything went right and nobody got in trouble.

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Counting to Ten by Emily M

One day I was eating. A girl was eating too but she pushed me. I was thinking I should push her back but I might get in trouble. So I counted to ten. I got sad. Then she said, “Sorry!” Then I said, “We can be friends.” We became friends because I counted to ten and I managed my impulsivity.

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Being Nice to My Sister by Rocio G

One day I was cleaning my bedroom. My sister and I got mad at each other. We started to yell at each other. I got out of the bedroom and calmed down. It helped me stop getting mad at my sister. I thought about being nice to my sister. I went back in the room and I said it would never happen again. We were happy with each other again. That’s how I managed my impulsivity.

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Stop, Think, React by Jeymme S

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